Tuesday, 30 April 2019


🤝🏾Good Afternoon Dear Investors.🤝🏾
Please as a new investor; whenever you place a withdrawal, you will need to wait for at least 72 hours.
It does not mean that it will take up to 72 hours before you are attended to (because there is possibility for you to receive your money within hours); it only means that we have up to over 3,000 Registered Members and up to about 800 Active Investors.
Not only that: we have minimum of at least 200 investors placing withdrawals daily. The most disheartening part of the story is that the investments of most of the people placing withdrawal have not reach maturity. So we still have to sort out those whose withdrawal requests are genuine from those who are just playing pranks or trying to defraud (whatever it is they are trying to do) before we can start paying. And after payment we still have to judge our Pay-outs with our alert  to make sure we have paid everybody and has not overpaid anyone.
That is why we ask for 72 hours grace period after you place withdrawal.
Please we have not automated everything on our site. We won’t try that until we are 100% sure that everything is in order. Every payment is still been done manually for proper accountability and financial reckoning sake.
🤝🏾Thank you so much for believing in us.🤝🏾
💪🏾Long live our dearly esteemed investors.💪🏾
💪🏾Long live DHP💪🏾


🤝🏾Good afternoon dear investors.🤝🏾
Please if you are an old investor💰; you will need to wait for 5 to 7 days after your investment elapses for you to get paid.
Calculations and Auditing for all the old accounts are now done manually as we said last time. Please bear with us.
You need to know that the old accounts gave us problems when we wanted to merge them to these new plans; which caused a lot of people to be overpaid even though they refused to make refund. That is why all the old accounts are not treated like the new accounts. Once any of the old investments elapses, the whole account details and transaction history are printed out and tabulated with pen and calculator to make sure that we do not repeat the former mistakes.
Please bear with us and work with us.
When we say 5 to 7 days; it may not necessarily be up to that, but we are giving you that time frame for us to have enough breathing space to work.
So as we have said before; once your investment elapses, just message the CEO himself and in the next 5 to 7 days you will be sorted out.
🤝🏾Thank you so much for believing in us.🤝🏾
💪🏾Long live our dearly esteemed investors.💪🏾
💪🏾Long live DHP💪🏾

Monday, 29 April 2019


Good Morning Dear Investors
Please we just want to inform you to not panic in case you try to login to our site and you are not getting the type of service you expect.
Our site was going through a maintenance routine over the weekend, through which we found out that there are some security breaches we need to block on the site.
Our IT Department discussed it with the CEO who told them to go ahead and take care of it immediately, believing that it would be resolved during the weekend; but unfortunately it lingered  till this morning Monday.
Please in case you try to login to our site and you are finding it difficult, don’t panic. It’s all for the greater good of all of us.
They will soon round up with it and everything will come back to normal with better service than before, because those security breaches really need to be blocked.
Thank you so much for standing with us.
God bless you all.
God bless DHP.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019




2.7% daily for 50 days

Good news to all our old and new investors
We have just launched a new package called The “LOCAL EXTRA PACKAGE”
This package attracts 2.7% daily for 50 days (capital inclusive).
Details coming soon.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019


😃Good News!😃
As many of us know that we are always working ⏱24/7⏱ to make life easy for everyone on our platform.
The CEO has been showing concern about people who are interested in what DHP is doing, but that are not financially 🤦‍♂buoyant to participate.
After much consultations and meetings; Our CEO has come again with another Blockbuster Innovation to change people’s story.
This time around: if you are interested in making Cool💵Money with DHP and you don’t have any money to invest. Don’t worry; this new policy is for 👉🏽you👈🏽.
You can now register with DHP and just be an Affiliate. Which means you can 💸earn💸 referral bonus without investing.
After your registration, just keep promoting DHP referral to all your friends and family members. You will earn 4% commission on the investment of everyone who joins DHP through your referral link.
So, what are you waiting for; Start promoting DHP and start earning commissions without investing a dime from your pocket.
DHP …changing lives since 2017